Three Tips for Marketing Article Writing

Monday, July 22nd, 2013 by Lauren

No matter what type of B2B marketing article you need—an executive byline, a thought leadership blog post, or a customer case study article for a newsletter—you want to attract readers and keep them reading to the end. Of course, your article should convey your message, but what good is it if no one reads more than a sentence or two?

Follow these three tips to draw your readers in and keep them engaged:

Have a point of view. A good article conveys an idea or a story—not just a marketing message. This doesn’t mean you need to wade deep into controversy. Just try to make an assertion with enough substance to entice your readers. “Corporate governance has never been more challenging” would put even an auditor to sleep. “New regulations are pushing traditional governance workflows to the breaking point” stands a much better chance of drawing in someone who cares about the topic.

Stay crisp. You’ll keep people reading by making your writing readable. Choose a tone that’s appropriate to the type of article you’re writing. An executive byline will be more conversational than a customer case study article. Case study articles work well with a journalistic tone. Whatever your tone, aim for short sentences and paragraphs. Vary the lengths of sentences, and try to include a few very short sentences. Brevity builds momentum. And watch out for “list soup”—that’s when every other sentence seems to end with X, Y, and Z.

Engage your audience on its terms. Clearly, HR Executive magazine attracts a different crowd than CFO Journal. Know your audience: Be sure the article ties your message to achieving the goals and solving challenges of the reader—not just those of their organization or department. Let’s say your solution can help a company retain high-performing employees, attract better applicants, and save applicants time. If your audience is primarily recruiters, focus the article on attracting better applicants. And lead with the bottom-line of benefits of your solution if your audience is executives outside the HR department.

A smart, crisp, targeted article helps you share your company’s latest point of view, while keeping your brand top-of-mind with key customers and prospects. Here at the Content Bureau, we’re seeing a surge in demand for articles of all types; we’re writing more than ever before in our company’s 13-year history. Call us to simply polish an article you’ve written in-house, or to write an article—or series of articles—that help differentiate your brand.


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