Throwback Thursday: It’s 3pm—Do You Know Where Your Copywriter Is?

Thursday, May 5th, 2016 by Bobbie

3pm Monday: I’m sitting in a coffee shop, working on a white paper, while my daughter has a guitar lesson. Sure, it’s great to have this kind of work flexibility, especially when you’ve got kids. But while I was tapping away and sipping my latté, it also hit me that hiring a copywriter, like me, who works outside the corporate campus has some definite advantages for our clients as well:

The Outsider’s Perspective. We’re not working within the walls of your headquarters—that’s a really great thing. We bring to the table a diverse range of experiences honed while working for other companies, other industries. As a result, we have fresh perspectives on your marketing dilemmas. We can help you find new ways to communicate your ideas.

Fellow Content Bureau copywriter Keven Smith says that is exactly what his clients have come to expect from him. “A lot of times a client will send over a few documents and want to see what I come up with. Just by virtue of being an outsider, I can help them connect the dots. Or sometimes, it’s the question that no one has ever asked before that enables them to crystallize their creative strategy before we even get to writing.”

Multi-Tasking A Team. Successful freelancers build their businesses by becoming instant experts. We’re used to diving right into a project without taking time to get our feet wet first. And we can switch gears on a dime, writing a blog one day and a press release the next.

As Keven puts it, “You don’t know what kind of work is going to be flying through the window each day. I’ve got to be on top of my game at all times because clients come and go, and I’ve got to keep them happy and work efficiently to meet their deadlines. You have to be constantly raising the bar.”

4pm Monday: I’m collecting daughter and guitar, laptop and iPhone. Business goes on as usual here at my very own copywriting headquarters.


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