Content Bureau Credits: to Share, or Not to Share?

Tuesday, December 4th, 2012 by Stacy

Surprise! You’ve just received an email saying that you have a credit with the Content Bureau. It’s a nice problem to have, n’est-ce pas? Except that you are now wracked by guilt. When you opened the PO for that project that went under budget, and for which you now have a credit, you were in a different division. So whose credit is it—yours, or your old department’s?

Stop feeling guilty about wanting that credit! Just be happy! We. Don’t. Care. Who. Uses. Your. Credit. We’d love for somebody—anybody—at your company to enjoy it. (Soon! Credits expire one calendar year from the date we receive the money).

Here are some fun things you can do with your credit:

  1. Have us start work on a “big wow” marketing asset you know the field will love, but that you didn’t have the budget to create this month.
  2. Tell your boss about the credit, and earn some sweet brownie points.
  3. Share it with the BFF you left behind in that other division. Chances are, she’ll use it to finish items on the marketing bill of materials you created together.

Not sure what to do with your credit? Get inspired by checking out the list of marketing assets we create, from banner ads (teeny credit) to Wikipedia articles (big credit). Or call us. We can suggest marketing assets that will cost the same as your credit amount, or even help you identify others in your company who are looking for budget on the very day you receive that surprise “you have free money” email from us. I just connected two such clients this morning, which served as the inspiration for this post!

Stacy runs the Content Bureau, @contentbureau.


runs the Content Bureau, @contentbureau.



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