It’s Summer. Is it OK to Slack Off?

Tuesday, July 5th, 2011 by Stacy

If you were hoping for a light and fluffy summer blog post, it’s not coming from me.

Yes to a little glass of icy cold rosé a bit earlier in the day.

Yes to pool time and a big floppy glam sun hat and chasing the kids through the sprinklers.

But NO, NO, NO! It is never OK to slack off, even in summer, when it comes to your company’s written communications with your customers.

Please read this entire NYT article immediately. Did you experience all the emotions I did? Shock and horror, fear, relief, and an eensie weensie bit of smugness (the Content Bureau’s clients do not slack off, and the Content Bureau will never slack off. We write smart copy that humans love to read, while elegantly inserting keywords that help smart humans find this copy. Every single page we deliver has been edited. I think it’s OK to feel a smidge of smugness).

Companies who hire content farms are making a massive mistake. Quality does matter, and it always will.

runs the Content Bureau, @contentbureau.



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