The Content Bureau Posts Two New Customer Case Studies

Monday, March 23rd, 2015 by Stacy

We love it when our clients send us impromptu raves, like this all-time favorite from technology industry veteran, Phil Montgomery: “Wow! This paper is so good I can’t believe I wrote it!” (We wrote the white paper, and he was delighted to put his name on it. Success!)

I’m exceptionally pleased to share two new customer case studies on our site:

  • Brian Sather from Autodesk Manufacturing was the last person on his team to work with us because he really likes to write his own content, and lay it out. Before we worked together, Brian joked that he was the king of DIY. It was therefore immensely satisfying for us to work with him on some important eBooks, and discover that he found great value in having a little bit of help.
  • Marjorie Constable from SAP Cloud Partner Marketing tends to outsource entire projects to us. They’re often complex and time-consuming, which we love. Sometimes—as in the customer video project we recently completed for her—she’ll ask us to create content she wouldn’t have had time to produce without us. This is another wonderful way to use the Content Bureau.

What’s great about these customer stories—other than the fact that talented marketers like Brian and Marjorie choose to work with us, and are happy enough to share their feedback—is that they’re quite different from one another. There’s no “right way” to hire the Content Bureau. We’re happy to do whatever you don’t want to do in-house and will save you time. That’s the bottom line.

How can we help you be successful? Call us, and we’ll help you determine the price/service trade-off that works for each project on your marcom to-do list.

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