Who Should Run the Company’s Social Media Efforts?

Thursday, October 1st, 2009 by Stacy

While consumers and small businesses tweet away, large businesses struggle to determine their corporate and product-level social media strategies. Should each product group have its own blog, Facebook fan page, and Twitter account? Who is responsible for ensuring that each product term has an accurate wiki?

We recommend that corporate marketing departments develop high-level social media strategy and guidelines, maintain a select number of corporate pages (for example, on LinkedIn and Facebook), and tweet every time they issue a press release. Then step aside, and trust product-level marketing teams to manage their own social media efforts. Since social media writing is an extension of traditional marcom, the marketing director responsible for producing web copy, white papers, and outbound marketing for a particular product or suite is the best person to also oversee that product’s social media content.

In-house writers or a trusted copywriting agency can write static copy—such as wikis and fan pages—just as they produce other marcom assets. Armed with corporate guidelines, an approved editorial calendar, content from product marketing and oversight from marketing, they can also successfully ghost blog and ghost tweet.

We recommend that clients err on the conservative side—posting a limited number of high-quality fan pages and wikis; starting a thoughtful, well-maintained blog—when first diving into social media. Then follow customer and partner requests for an expanded program.

What’s working at your company? Let us know.

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