Wow! Where’d You Get That Cool B2B Marcom Asset?

Friday, October 14th, 2011 by Lauren

A shiny new B2B marcom asset will never be as exciting as (think Bob Barker) “a new car!” But there are assets that grab attention instantly—thanks, in part, to their novelty. Everyone has read a hundred case studies, but what if you developed the first one? Or transformed the format into something that seemed new? Your audience would pay attention.

We’re always on the lookout for a better way to capture and convey our clients’ messages. A few asset trends (or potential trends) have caught our eye recently. While none represent radical departures, the following can give a fresh feel to B2B messaging:

Flash: Flash can grab attention. We’re big fans of using clever infographics in Flash assets. More hot than new, infographics have been around longer than pie charts. Today, infographics go way beyond simple charts and process diagrams. The best infographics can convey incredibly complicated information and ideas graphically. With Flash, you can control how an infographic comes together, which can make the meaning of complex graphics clearer. (Note: when we say Flash, we are referring to assets that take advantage of the feel of Flash. We recommend publishing assets in formats that can be played in a variety of devices.)

Podcasts: For years, I’ve been saying podcasts are going to replace white papers. So far, I’ve been wrong. We still see incredible potential in podcasts, especially with the emergence of the smartphone. With a good script and an appropriate format, a podcast can deliver your message in a commute-friendly package. You want to avoid creating something that feels like a lecture. In contrast, a scripted Q&A takes better advantage of the format.

iPDFs: We love interactive PDFs—they’re about as close as B2B marcom gets to Bob Barker’s “new car!” They wed the best of PDFs and the web into one asset. With an iPDF, you get an awesome, printable PDF you can navigate like a website. iPDFs are perfect for sales playbooks and brochures that primarily will be viewed on a computer. (You don’t see too many really fancy iPDFs, so contact us if you’d like to see how far the format can take you.)

Videos: These are not new, but videos have new potential. Social media and YouTube provide venues for people to access videos outside the confines of your corporate website. Look beyond drab talking-head videos, though, and take better advantage of the format. Use scripting, voiceovers, and infographics to add impact.

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