A Fabulous New Word Can Make My Whole Day

Wednesday, August 1st, 2012 by Stacy

I dare you to say this really fast: “Kardashianization, Kardashianization, Kardashianization.” Ha! Aren’t you now in the greatest mood ever?

Being a “wordie” can be an affliction. Just yesterday, I had to admit on a PTA conference call (yes, those do exist) that misplaced apostrophes and missing hyphens in one of our fundraising communications were, um, MAKING ME INSANE. While this would be a no-brainer with my Content Bureau posse, it’s risky to geek out with the popular kids, I mean parents, at school. Were we officially off the “cool family” barbeque invite list, I wondered?

But then I read this sentence in my July Vanity Fair and was blinded by dazzling, crystal-clear perspective:

“Any prayer that the Kardashianization of the celebrity press might abate was snuffed once Kim and that shy violet Kanye West became a couple, united in pageantry.”

I mean, seriously. Doesn’t that sentence make your heart stop? And that word. That WORD. It’s a freakin’ seven-syllable masterpiece. Reading it was like being shot by cupid’s arrow. I laughed out loud. A few happy tears sprung to my eyes. Pride at my own wordie geekiness welled in my heart.

Bittersweet chocolate with almonds, step aside. A fabulous new word just made my whole day.


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