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A sharp brochure and targeted case studies
attract new ADP customers.

When Philadelphia-based human resources technology firm Virtual Edge sought a case study writing team that would treat its famously happy customers with kid gloves, the president herself interviewed us. “The Content Bureau works with some of the most respected technology firms in the business—we knew they could take us where we needed to go,” explains then marketing director Linda LeVan.

Recalls LeVan: “The Content Bureau made a substantial contribution when we were a small company without the bandwidth to produce enough top-quality marcom on our own. They jumped in, learned our business, and ran with projects. We consistently got back phenomenal work that we never had to doctor—we really saw the value in the agency’s teamwork and editing process.”

And when Virtual Edge was acquired by business software giant ADP just two years later, LeVan, now in marketing operations at ADP, brought her trusted vendor with her. The Content Bureau has moved beyond case studies to produce innovative brochures, website copy, and other content for ADP. “I knew the Content Bureau would be a great fit here. I feel confident telling my ADP colleagues to expect top work—and we’re way too busy to waste time working with people who don’t deliver at the level of our expectations.”

" We consistently got back phenomenal work that we never had to doctor. "

—Linda LeVan, Marketing Director, ADP

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