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Vibrant, action-packed eBooks and infographics tell a powerful security story.

When Melanie Griffin wants to grab her target reader’s attention with a bright new creative approach, she calls the Content Bureau. “They bring ideas to life,” Griffin says. “The Content Bureau is helping us tell a better, more powerful security story by crafting compelling stories and engaging content—all presented in beautifully designed pieces.”

Griffin, the global marketing lead for identity management at RSA Security, initially asked the Content Bureau to develop a foundational eBook on identity risk—an important, but serious (dare we say somewhat dry?)—topic. To energize the eBook, she suggested using some newly selected photography that came to be known as the “whiz kids” image library. The Content Bureau ran with it, using colorful images of tech-savvy preschoolers to deliver the security message in a vibrant, crisp, and clever new way. “Building off a few sample photos and some hot-off-the-press branding guidelines, the Content Bureau team delivered fresh ideas that were true to our brand and compelling to our customers,” she says. Delighted with the results, Griffin signed on for an expanded series of related eBooks.

Later, when Griffin asked for an infographic with a different visual approach, the Content Bureau brainstormed multiple ideas before suggesting a “journey” theme. The first infographic depicts a hiker on the path to identifying security risks, using tools such as maps and compasses to safely avoid risks. The infographic is illustrated with loose rocks and mysterious critter footprints.

Griffin says the Content Bureau also helps keep copy tight and to the point, using enticing headlines and easy-to-skim narratives. “In the past we’d try to pack too much content into each piece. The Content Bureau is helping us slim down, and holding us to a higher standard. The result is perfect balance of content and visuals.”

" The Content Bureau is helping us tell a more powerful security story. "

—Melanie Griffin, Global Marketing Lead, Identity Management, RSA Security

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