Client Case Study SAP Sustainability

The Content Bureau authored SAP’s first web-based global sustainability report.

The concept of corporate sustainability is increasingly influential in global business, and software leader SAP is taking a proactive role. SAP offers solutions that help businesses monitor, improve, and comply with sustainability goals—and diligently follows those practices as well. “We need to be role models of sustainability ourselves,” says Stephanie Raabe of SAP sustainability operations, based in SAP’s Walldorf, Germany global headquarters.

To that end, in May 2009 SAP published its second annual (and first online) Sustainability Report, a treatise on SAP’s principles, methods, and results, presented across scores of web pages. Explains Raabe, “We looked for a copywriting partner that was familiar with SAP and our products—especially those related to sustainability and governance, risk and compliance—and also adept at writing for the web.” The Content Bureau came highly recommended by SAP colleagues. “We had a high-level website structure established, and the Content Bureau’s experience with effective and clear web style was invaluable in making lots of detailed material work well within that structure.”


A vast amount of information, culled from some forty SAP content owners across the globe, comprised the raw material that the Content Bureau shaped into cohesive and engaging web reportage. “We had a hard deadline—the May 2009 Sapphire Conference—a short lead time, and so many stakeholders involved,” says Raabe. “The nine-hour time-zone difference worked to our advantage—we could essentially work around the clock with the very flexible Content Bureau team turning our day’s work around for us by the next morning—all in a voice and style that was consistent with SAP’s high standards.”

“The reaction from business associates and within SAP has been extremely positive,” Raabe concludes, “both for the clarity of the complex information we present and the elegance of the presentation. We certainly appreciate the key role that the Content Bureau played.”

" The Content Bureau’s experience with effective and clear web style was invaluable. "

—Stephanie Raabe, Sustainability Operations, SAP

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