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The Content Bureau is your secret weapon.

We get it. You need B2B marketing articles pronto, but aren’t an article writer yourself. The Content Bureau is here to help. For more than a dozen years, we’ve been writing high-quality articles for global corporations in technology, financial services, and many other industries. Our clients place these articles in smart places including blogs, newsletters, and industry publications.

Call us for the following article copywriting jobs:

  • Blog post writing. A Content Bureau article writer will interview you—or your company’s executives, product marketers, or other subject matter experts—to write high-impact blog posts that elevate your brand.
  • Case study writing. Our editors can turn an existing case study into an article suitable for publication in your favorite industry magazine, or write a new case study article for you.
  • Executive byline writing. We’ll interview your exec to gather her point of view, then turn that content—plus any source material you provide—into a high-quality thought leadership article.
  • Newsletter article writing. We can write expert newsletter articles after interviewing your company’s subject matter experts, or edit the articles they submit.

And as with all Content Bureau projects, our article writers are happy to help with any work you don’t want to do. We can edit or update an existing article—perhaps one you’ve written yourself—or write a new article from scratch. We’ll deliver it in your format of choice: Word, HTML, your own InDesign template, or one we design for you. And we’ll include keywords and phrases that ensure your article attracts the attention of your target reader—and Google.

" This article is a big hit internally. Also, the images are great. Thanks! "

—Teresa Elliott, Autodesk

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