Pssst! We hear you need Messaging Document Writing

The Content Bureau is your secret weapon.

Your task: create clear, powerful messaging that describes your product, solution, or campaign. Oh, and to do so you’ll need to cross a lake of fire while securing agreement from a gaggle of opinionated, overscheduled stakeholders. (OK, we’re kidding—but only about the lake of fire part.)

For more than a dozen years, the Content Bureau has written high-quality customer-facing messaging documents for companies in technology, financial services, and other industries. We’re experts at clarifying market factors, features, functionalities, benefits, key differentiators, and more, then turning them into messaging documents that provide a strong foundation for ads, email, web copy, and other downstream marketing assets.

The Content Bureau can create your:

  • Messaging document. Send us your existing positioning and messaging. We’ll interview your stakeholders, then create polished customer-facing messaging in your company’s template—or one we create for you.
  • Messaging grid. Rely on us to develop a well-structured messaging grid to strengthen your messaging and support team cohesion.
  • Copy blocks. Create unique, differentiated copy blocks that build the foundation for your product or campaign messaging. We write copy blocks targeting customers by industry, role, persona, geography, or other criteria.
  • Blurbs. Trust the Content Bureau to write succinct product or campaign blurbs you can use in online catalogs, web copy, and other collateral, as well as in marketing campaigns.

Need messaging to support a new product launch? Juggling multiple or conflicting messages? Unsure how to separate your positioning and messaging documents? Wherever you are in the process, the Content Bureau can help. And the fact that your entire marketing department will be singing the same tune? Consider it a gift from us to you.

" You are making this project with lots of stakeholders & opinions sooooo straightforward & manageable for me. Thanks again. You are an awesome partner!  "

—Linette Atterbury, PayPal

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