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The Content Bureau creates custom PowerPoint decks for high-profile sales pitches.

To successfully create and nurture relationships with high-profile partners, PayPal’s Elina Vilk delivers visually engaging and tightly scripted presentations to some of the world’s largest retailers. And since these meetings are often scheduled with little advance notice, Vilk needs the presentations finished within incredibly tight turnarounds. Enter the Content Bureau, which creates PowerPoint presentations that help Vilk seal some of PayPal’s most significant deals.

“The Content Bureau team knows how to take complex information and make it easy to understand,” says Vilk. “They bring the salient points to the surface as they tell our story, and they do it in a way that’s pleasing to the eye.”

But the Content Bureau’s value to the presentation development process goes beyond good looks, Vilk adds. “We can’t just say PayPal is great,” she explains.

“We have to use presentations to talk about how we solve real problems and deliver value. And we have to tailor these messages to each potential partner. The slide copy, design, and speaker notes brought together by the Content Bureau make these crucial meetings come to life.”

The quality of Content Bureau presentation deliverables is sky high, even when the clock is ticking, Vilk says. “We’ve had requests for meetings, and presentations, come in at the eleventh hour,” she says. “Yet the Content Bureau team has responded with flawless execution even when the turnaround time is less than a day.”

At a recent meeting with a possible partner, the executive loved the PowerPoint presentation so much that she wouldn’t leave until Vilk helped her download a copy. Says Vilk, “How often do you find a creative partner that can help you make an impression like that?”

" The Content Bureau team has responded with flawless execution even when the turnaround time is less than a day. "

—Elina Vilk, Senior Marketing Manager, PayPal Enterprise Marketing

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