Pssst! We hear you need Case Study Writing

The Content Bureau is your secret weapon.

You’re awesome, and so are your company’s products and services. Customer success stories are one of the most effective vehicles for sharing your value proposition—there’s nothing better than your customers telling your prospects how much they love you!—but also the most labor-intensive to produce.

Who has the time to develop an effective customer reference program—not to mention write and secure approval on an enticing bouquet of case studies?

We do. The Content Bureau has been writing high-quality B2B customer case studies for more than a dozen years. We’ve written literally hundreds of customer stories featuring tech and financial services products, solutions, and entire companies. We’ve written stories for global corporations and startups.

We handle anything you don’t have the time or inclination to do in house, including:

  • Customer reference program development. If you’re just starting to produce case studies, we can help you set up a program. We’ll help you create a process and editorial calendar to keep you—and your stakeholders—focused on meeting your long-term marketing objectives.
  • Prospecting. We’ll work with sales to identify ideal case study candidates, then call your customers to determine whether they’re ready and willing to participate in a story. Rely on the Content Bureau to help you build a pipeline of high-quality stories.
  • Case study interviewing. We’ll talk with you to determine the story angle and develop interview questions, then speak with your customers about their experiences with your company’s products and services. We’ve conducted professional case study interviews all over the globe, ensuring that each customer has a positive experience with your brand. If you’d like an interview transcript, we’ll deliver one.
  • Case study writing and editing. We’ll craft expert case study copy that makes your customers look smart for choosing your solutions. Whether you need a few great quotes, a short blurb, a two-page or four-page story, or a longer solution story, rely on the Content Bureau to deliver impeccable case study copywriting.
  • Customer approval. When you like the copy, we’ll circulate it to the customer for review, then stay on the chase until it’s approved.
  • Case study layout and design. Our designers can create the perfect template to frame your success stories, or lay out each story in your own template. We’ll use your image library or source appropriate stock photography to ensure that each case study is beautiful—and on brand.
  • Case study video. Need someone to interview your customers, then produce high-quality customer case study videos? Learn more about our video creation services.

Whether you want to outsource a single case study or an entire customer reference program, you can trust the Content Bureau to provide the support you need.

" This is fantastic work, I’m really, really happy with this case study. I can’t wait to get it into the hands of salespeople! "

—Andy Mott, Autodesk

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