Pssst! We hear you need eBook writing

The Content Bureau is your secret weapon.

You need to tell a story about your business—and captivate your readers with an inviting interactive format. Look no further; the Content Bureau’s team of expert B2B eBook writers and developers will create a one-of-a-kind page-turner that will engage your target audience.

For more than a decade, the Content Bureau has been writing B2B eBooks for technology and financial services firms. Use your eBook to explain a complex product suite, convey thought leadership, or do a deep dive into industry analysis and recommendations.

Overwhelmed by the idea of eBook development? Outsource a little or a lot.

  • eBook copywriting or editing. Perhaps you’ve found a publisher, but need help with your copy. We can take your existing content and simply clean it up, or do the heavy lifting: outline the story, interview experts, write and edit the content.
  • eBook development. Or come to us with your approved copy; we’ll transform it into an eBook complete with dazzling graphics and images.

Our clients love how the Content Bureau uses well-structured copy and creative, eye-catching layouts to bring a distinctive style to each eBook we create. We’ll help you tell your story in a modern, interactive format—you just sit back and sign the virtual title page.

" I love it!! You nailed it. "

—Melanie Sommer, RSA Security

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