Pssst! We hear you need Sales Playbook Writing and Design

The Content Bureau is your secret weapon.

What really sells technology solutions and other complex B2B offerings? Whether you go to market through resellers, partners, or a direct sales force, it’s people who make your P&L sing. And winning salespeople need more than just customer-facing assets to get the job done. They need a winning sales playbook.

A great playbook is like a motivational speaker trapped inside an iPDF. It’s the secret weapon for salespeople, who love telling customers—using the messaging, case studies, and infographics in your B2B playbook—how your company’s products and services can transform their business. (What salespeople hate: Sifting through unwieldy mountains of product info to prepare for sales meetings.)

A sales playbook liberates your sales force from clunky training assets. And by handling playbook design and writing, the Content Bureau liberates you from having to create one yourself. We can create an entirely new playbook for you, or update an existing one. Rely on us to create sales playbooks that convey relevant information quickly—and that are incredibly fun to read and use. The result: Motivated salespeople armed with the tools to shine at what they do best.

" Congratulations! You hit it out of the park! "

—Chrysoulla Srabian, Autodesk

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