Pssst! We hear you need White Paper Writing

The Content Bureau is your secret weapon.

You need to dive in—presenting detailed information, marrying data with analysis to position your company as a thought leader. Nothing does this like a white paper. And no one writes B2B white papers like the Content Bureau. For more than a dozen years, we’ve been creating beautifully designed high-quality white papers for global corporations in technology, financial services, and other industries.

Whether you’re analyzing the impact of an economic trend, presenting research, exploring a hot business topic, or describing how your product or solution solves a unique business problem, a white paper gives you the space and time to go deep. But the idea of writing one yourself can be overwhelming, and the process time-consuming.

Instead, call on the Content Bureau. Our expert white paper writers will work with you to focus your topic, then turn your resources and ideas into clear, compelling copy. We can write an entirely new paper from scratch, or update an existing paper with fresh data and your latest point of view. We even handle layout in your company’s template, or a template we create for you.

Next thing you know, you’ll have a well-written, focused piece of thought leadership ready for publication. Now don’t forget the tweets to go with it.

" This is extremely well written. You rock! "

—Jason Blumberg, Microsoft

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