Fintech Company

The Content Bureau produced a webinar series to help a global fintech company support its customers through the pandemic.

When Covid-19 hit, this massive fintech company saw many of its customers worldwide struggling to rethink their business models and adjust to shifting consumer expectations. In response, our client planned a series of webinars focused on helping their current and prospective customers take immediate steps to mitigate the impact that the pandemic was having on their businesses.

The Content Bureau has been a trusted copywriting and creative vendor to this company since 2007, so they asked if we could help with this large project. We quickly produced 10 webinars, earning this stellar feedback: “A lot of rigorous and nuanced editing went into the video, but we ended up with an insight-filled webinar and a ton of learnings from the process. Our strategic partner also had lots of complimentary things to say about the final product.”

Over the course of the project, we helped to:

  • Create presentation materials—PowerPoint slides as well as edited videos.
  • Develop email invites and social posts for webinar promotions, plus follow-up emails, website content, and surveys.
  • Manage Zoom registrations, confirmations, reminders, and webinar settings.
  • Analyze key webinar metrics (e.g., registrant sources, registered-to-attended ratios, and engagement rates).

Our client was extremely appreciative: “You have been an amazing partner on this program! I’m doing a happy dance!” And the webinar series was a big success, as well as a great “learn by doing” experience for all involved. We are happy to remain a trusted longtime partner to this client.

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