JMI Equity

The Content Bureau created compelling messaging for growth-equity-seeking entrepreneurs in the firm’s target markets.

Growth equity is a highly competitive market. To ensure they’re positioned to pursue the best deals, private equity firms must build credibility with entrepreneurs. When JMI Equity needed to refine its entrepreneur-focused messaging, it looked to partner with a B2B copywriting agency that understood the private equity space—so it hired the Content Bureau.

Lee Lesley, then principal of investor relations and marketing, first engaged the Content Bureau to create presentation materials for JMI’s annual investor meeting. This included the development of a branded PowerPoint template, which JMI now uses extensively. Based on the success of that first effort, Lesley felt confident expanding the relationship, and asked the Content Bureau to help JMI develop the messaging it needed to more effectively market itself to entrepreneurs.

“Working with the Content Bureau allowed us to step back and view our business through a different lens. They helped us develop messaging that was simple yet compelling,” says Lesley. “The whole process felt like a partnership—it was very collaborative.”

After creating the new messaging for JMI, the Content Bureau developed other high-profile content for the firm—including copy for its new website. “We also asked the agency to create some thought leadership pieces that had been languishing,” says Lesley. “The process was so efficient. The Content Bureau’s lead writer on the project talked to two of our partners for no more than 30 minutes, but quickly grasped their complex ideas and turned around two really well-written pieces that our firm will use a number of different ways.”

Lesley adds, “We hope to maintain a broad, long-term relationship with the Content Bureau. From talking points to articles to marketing materials, we know we can count on the Content Bureau to capture what we want to communicate.”

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