Opportunity Fund

The Content Bureau created high-quality sales assets for financial services nonprofit.

Opportunity Fund, California’s largest microlender, gives small businesses a chance to overcome their largest obstacles. When Anna Suarez came on board as the fast-growing nonprofit’s first SMB marketing director, she faced some obstacles of her own—and not the same ones she’d been hurdling for two decades in high-tech corporate marketing. “I quickly realized that my biggest challenge would be creating for-profit-caliber deliverables on a nonprofit budget,” she says.

The most urgent of those deliverables was a stronger, more consistent suite of sales assets. The sales team had been relying on material created by volunteers, interns, and entry-level marketers under the direction of several different sales leaders. I’m surrounded by brilliant, committed people,” Suarez says, “but due to budget constraints, there’d been no clear long-term vision.”

Suarez knew she couldn’t solve the problem just by creating a few impressive PowerPoints. She had to rebuild her department’s messaging from the ground up, and as efficiently as possible. Having worked with the Content Bureau on several projects in her previous role at PayPal, she got in touch again.

The Content Bureau collaborated with Suarez and her team to first create a polished, consistently branded messaging grid. “It served as a baseline not only for the sales materials we needed,” she says, “but also for our website, for email campaigns—and for other collateral we don’t even need yet.”

The new framework also enabled Opportunity Fund to seize an opportunity of its own. “A chance came along to open up a new channel with a community partner,” Suarez says. “But we had to act fast. With the Content Bureau’s help, we delivered polished go-to-market tools, including an awesome data sheet and PowerPoint presentation, in only three weeks. As a result, we opened up that new channel.”

Flexibility is what Suarez appreciates the most about the Content Bureau: “At PayPal, the Content Bureau helped me deliver material that spoke to enterprise partners; now they’re helping me reach small business owners. They’ve been equally attuned to the needs of each audience. Just as importantly, they’ve adapted to my priorities and challenges, which are very different at Opportunity Fund than they were at PayPal. The Content Bureau finds ways to help me get the most out of the resources I have.”

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