SAP Worldwide Marketing Programs

In-depth white papers and presentations created to convey SAP’s thought leadership in its target industries.

Software giant SAP was launching an important campaign to deliver thought leadership papers and PowerPoint presentations for 12+ industries ranging from consumer packaged goods to fabricated metals. The goal? Assure prospective customers that SAP understood their unique business challenges. When SAP Marketing Director Danny Nail began looking for writers to craft these critical pieces, the Content Bureau quickly rose to the top of his list. “Everywhere I asked, I got back one name: the Content Bureau,” says Nail. “Now I know why.”

The Content Bureau worked with subject matter experts all over the world to get smart on each industry, diving in deep to uncover each segment’s pain points.

What struck Nail most was how little he actually needed to be involved in the process. “I’ve never had to do so little handholding,” he says. “One call and the writer comes back with a piece that’s 80%-90% complete. All of our stakeholders, from industry experts to industry marketing people, are blown away by the quality of the work.”

The thought leadership pieces were a huge success—and were localized for use in geographies around the world. “Bar none, the Content Bureau is my favorite writing team,” says Nail. “They rock.”

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