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The Content Bureau created a compelling animated video series to launch a global program.

Return business is the greatest compliment—so we were thrilled when a long-time enterprise technology client asked us to create a series of animated videos to support a mission-critical, high-profile, year-long program they were launching.

They wanted the videos to feature a fresh, distinctive, memorable look that still fit their corporate brand. Most critically, they needed their global customer base to actually DO what the videos asked them to do.

Working closely with our client’s excellent project team—which was soliciting input from many internal stakeholders of their own—we first crafted the launch messaging. Once approved, we got to work writing the voiceover script and on-screen copy—which we ultimately delivered in both English and French. “Unanimously approved,” our client responded. “We’re rocking and rolling.”

Our design team then produced detailed storyboards featuring custom iconography and a colorful, inviting look and feel for the series. Quick client approval kept production on track, kicking off our animation and music additions. Our client’s reaction when the first complete video was delivered? “It’s perfect.”

Our team ultimately delivered a series of four videos: a 90-second animated overview video and a shortened version for YouTube, accompanied by three shorter videos detailing critical aspects of the new program. Each video was localized to engage our client’s target audiences in Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

The videos were not only fresh and on-brand, they were also highly informative and engaging for audiences across the world. And they delivered. Our client’s project team received big internal kudos for achieving greater customer adoption than expected, ahead of plan, and our main client was promoted shortly thereafter. Proof that when our work shines, our clients flourish. That, to our team, is the ultimate accolade.

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