This holiday season, we’re donating to 20 different nonprofits.
They’re as unique and wonderful as the team members who recommended them:

30Birds Foundation

“This small nonprofit supports Afghan girls’ education. As a mom of three young women, I appreciate 30Birds’ brave commitment to quietly educating the next generation of female leaders in a place where girls are not allowed to go to school after sixth grade.”
Stacy Crinks


“Airlink provides free airlift and logistical solutions to nonprofit partners, changing the way the humanitarian community responds to disasters around the world. I admire their commitment to working above the political fray to serve people in need, no matter the type of conflict.”
Chris Kent

Brooklyn Botanic Garden

“This beloved oasis in the heart of Brooklyn, where visitors can explore over 14,000 different species of plants from around the world, is also a leader in plant education and research. Their work to conserve biodiversity is both inspiring and meaningful to me.”
Ivy Levine

CPR 2nd Chance Cat Sanctuary

“This organization saves cats and kittens who have been abandoned or are victims of natural disasters. They trap, provide food and medical care, and work to find loving homes. I’ve been rescuing and fostering cats for decades, and this cause is very close to my heart.”
Brenda Portier


“This organization helps people leave unhappy, harmful relationships and find safety. Domestic violence awareness and prevention has been an important cause for me for well over a decade, as I found myself at risk during my late teens, and was offered support that changed my life.”
Safiya Lawrence

Good in Focus

“My teen daughter is a lover of books and photography, and just launched this nonprofit to raise awareness and funds for schools and libraries in San Mateo County, California. It’s exciting to watch the next generation of changemakers take flight.” Michelle Chang

Green Dot Schools

“During the 15 years I’ve supported Green Dot Public Schools, I’ve seen them transform the lives of the 18,000+ students they’ve graduated in California, Tennessee, and Texas. They help every student achieve their goals and succeed in college, leadership, and life.”
Elizabeth Kopple

Homeward Bound Golden Retriever Rescue and Sanctuary

“This volunteer-run organization has helped over 10,000 goldens and golden-mix dogs find homes since inception. They very generously helped me when our senior rescued golden, Hunter, was diagnosed with degenerative myelopathy and needed hydrotherapy to keep his strength.”
Michelle Burke

IBC Network Foundation

“This nonprofit is important to me because one of my closest friends was diagnosed with Inflammatory Breast Cancer in August. She is fighting it like a true warrior queen!!! Because IBC is very rare, it is not easy to learn about or find a community of support. IBCNF is doing amazing work to educate, save lives, and drive needed research.”
Penina Goodman

Jelly’s Place

“This is a wonderful animal shelter where my wife, two sons, and I volunteer. Jelly’s Place is also important to us because it’s where we adopted our family dog, Holly.”
Brian Cronk

Mending the Soul

“This nonprofit helps people heal from trauma and abuse, both in the US and Congo. I love that they equip and train community leaders to provide hope for those that feel isolated, broken, and hopeless.”
Ruth Burk

New Day for Children

“This nonprofit seeks to restore the stolen childhood of recovered sexually trafficked children. They raise and provide financial support for restorative care, providing a safe and secure living environment, school tuition, therapy, medical, dental and vision care, equine therapy, and other essential needs.”
Lucy Anderton

The North County Education Foundation (NCEF)

“This educational foundation supports students who attend The Classical Academies, an incredible San Diego charter school district that values family, creativity, innovation, and parental involvement. It has been life-changing for my family.”
Lisa Klenner

The Northfield Township Food Pantry Capital Campaign

“As a trustee in my Chicago suburb, I have witnessed the substantial increase in demand by the food insecure in our community. This campaign will allow us to expand our services.”
Kate Spears

Open Door Family Medical Center

“This nonprofit builds healthier families and communities by providing excellent, accessible, and personalized health care regardless of ability to pay. I’m making this donation in honor of a dear friend who recently lost her battle with cancer, and who was passionate about this cause.”
Todd Nocera

Robinson Jeffers Tor House Foundation

“I am a trustee, docent, photography archivist, and webmaster for this organization based in my community of Monterey, California. Our mission is to maintain Tor House, Hawk Tower, and their collections, to promote the literary and philosophical legacy of Robinson Jeffers, and to be a cultural resource to the community.”
Alan Stacy

Sungai Watch

“This nonprofit brings awareness of the dangers of plastic pollution to villages in Indonesia, cleaning up some of the country’s most polluted rivers and installing trash barriers to stop plastics from entering the ocean. As a surfer with Indonesian heritage, this effort is meaningful to me.”
Jasmine Smith


“This nonprofit supports young people in under-resourced communities of San Diego. Through holistic dance programs, they change the trajectory of students’ lives by helping to build resilience, confidence, and leadership skills. We are both longtime supporters of this wonderful organization.”
Allie Hayase and Maia Starling

UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital Foundation

“My daughters wouldn’t have made it through childbirth without the expertise at UCSF. More families should have access to the world-class care of UCSF for their kids, no matter their economic background.”
Aileen Abaya

World Central Kitchen

“Food is love. And even when it feels like the world is going to hell, you can at least get in there and feed people.”
Lisa Stonestreet

And we’d love to make a small donation to your favorite nonprofit, too.
(During the 2023 holiday season, the Content Bureau donated to 15 additional nonprofits nominated by our clients).

Happiest holidays from the Content Bureau,
and with our most sincere thanks for our partnership,

Aileen, Alan, Allie, Brenda, Brian, Chris, Elizabeth, Ivy, Jasmine, Kate, Lisa K, Lisa S, Lucy, Maia, Michelle B, Michelle C, Penina, Ruth, Safiya, Stacy, and Todd