Our Clutch Reviews Are IN

As you might expect, we like to button things up before publishing—which is why we’ve waited to share our client reviews on Clutch.co. Voila!

We’re delighted to report that since we learned about Clutch earlier this year, five Content Bureau clients have offered to be interviewed by Clutch and have their experiences with us documented in case studies. We feature many fine case studies on our own site, and they each tell a great story about our work—but we wrote those case studies, so you might naturally assume they’d emphasize our awesomeness. Clutch reviews are written completely independently of us, so they’re honest, unfiltered, and entirely from the clients’ perspectives.

Only one person per company can review us, which seems crazy for clients like Autodesk (where we’ve been a vendor for 19 years) or PayPal (12 years) where we support dozens of exceptional marketers year-round. It was an absolute exercise in vulnerability to ask just a single client from each company to review us, and then step back and wait for the stories to be published, one by one.

Now the reviews are IN—and they’re really lovely. In fact, as of October 27 (based on the five reviews we’ve received this year), we are #3 out of 7112 firms on Clutch that offer content marketing services. Please take a minute to read through all of the reviews to get a full picture of the work we do for our top clients. And we’ve added a C to the social buttons at the bottom of our home page so you can check our Clutch reviews anytime.

The Content Bureau is my life’s work—along with raising my three daughters. I’m bursting with gratitude for our amazing Content Bureau team and their commitment to delivering the highest-quality work and service to our clients, and to every Content Bureau client who takes the time to share feedback (in person, on the phone, via email, or formally on Clutch).

You make us better.

By Stacy Crinks