2023 SEO Trends: Your Roadmap to Success in Search

Hey there, B2B SEO devotees! It’s only April, and the search engine optimization game’s already changing. Time to level up your website’s SEO with these top 10 tips (plus a bonus!).

  1. Supplement your E.A.T with “experience”: With its latest update, Google no longer values content only for its expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness. Experience is now coming under the microscope—so make sure your content creators have first-hand knowledge of the topics they’re writing about.
  2. Keep it real: Auto-generated content may be on the rise, but Google’s algorithm looks for real people producing content for real audiences. Include author bios and link to social media accounts to show that your creators are the real deal.
  3. Lend a helping hand: Google’s August 2022 update says the best content is content that helps the reader, so make sure your content is relevant to your target audience. The more actionable, the better—like this one!
  4. Specialize, don’t generalize: Avoid molding your website to cater to popular search terms—instead, focus on your industry’s specialties. Traffic will organically flow your way when you become an industry leader that audiences trust.
  5. Automate SEO processes for success: Use automated enterprise SEO software platforms and tools to track trends and discover insights. They’ll let you know when you’ve lost links and have keyword gaps, among other efficiency-building benefits.
  6. Push it up top: Infinite scrolling options mean nothing to Google, which only captures the information visible when a page first loads. Everything below that point is lost to search engine results. Use the URL Inspection tool to see what Google will capture, and adjust accordingly if you want search engines to index your whole website.
  7. Thicken your content: Google rewards long-form content written by real people, so make historically slim product pages come to life and seem more human with product details, keywords, and answers to FAQs.
  8. Spy on the competition: Use SEO tools for competitor analysis to gain intel on how others ensure E-E-A-T. Then, use those insights in your own SEO campaigns and content strategy.
  9. Optimize from go: Google is reducing crawling in 2023 to achieve its carbon-free energy operation goals. That means refresh crawls will take a hit before new content crawls do. So, optimize your content from the jump to rank higher, instead of relying on updates down the road.
  10. Keep it all about image: Alt text and schema markup help you rise to the top of Google’s rankings. They also make your image content more accessible to visually impaired people and those with limited internet connectivity. Work that win-win!

These 10 tips will give your website a strong start in 2023. Looking for that bonus?

  1. Use Page Speed Insights and Core Web Vitals to make sure your website’s performing at its best. A faster-loading site will boost your keyword rankings on the pages within your domain.

We love getting into the SEO mix, so if you want a hand, reach out—we’ll get it done!

By Safiya Lawrence