Create Tons of High-Quality Marketing Content While Lying Poolside Sipping a Cool Mojito

How, you ask, is this possible? Hire the Content Bureau to create all that fabulous marketing content for you, of course! The end. Happy summer!

(For those of you who are lying poolside sipping a cool mojito, please stop reading and get back to your sunbathing. For the rest of us who are slogging away while those hateful, hateful colleagues taunt us on Facebook with their holiday photos, read on.)

August is a wonderful time to produce, produce, produce. Let’s face it—September is right around the corner. Your prospective clients will be returning en masse to their desks, relaxed and rejuvenated from their summer vacations and determined to definitely spend more time reading up on industry trends (AKA your lead gen content).

NOW, not September 1 when everyone gets back to work, is when you’ll want to produce your fall campaign content, so you can launch your campaigns in early September.

We have a large and lovely, extremely talented team of writers, editors, and graphic designers who are ready to help you right this minute. May I suggest mixing up a nice cool cocktail, listing the assets you’ll need for that September campaign, then calling me for a quote? Cheers.


By Stacy Crinks