How to Create All Your Marketing Program Content At the Same Time (Quickly, Cost-Effectively, and with No Drama)

Yes! This is possible! It’s all about bundling.

Our clients—ambitious marketers at large B2B technology and financial services companies—tend to use us for the “hard stuff.” These days, the “hard stuff” isn’t just the long stuff, it’s a bundle of marketing program assets that work together to nurture our clients’ customers along the buyer’s journey.

Bundles typically include:

  1. A long asset (white paper or eBook).
  2. An infographic that guides the reader through the white paper/eBook, and may also be pulled out and used—with a helpful, keyword-rich caption—as a standalone lead gen asset.
  3. A couple of blog posts and/or bylined articles, written in a more casual style than the long piece and sharing a point of view on a hot topic related to the white paper / eBook.
  4. Emails and social media posts that will drive eyeballs to the blog posts and/or long asset.

So, how do you create a bundle of high-quality program content quickly, cost-effectively, with no drama? Here’s the what/who/when:

What: Your program assets work together as a system. They should be complementary but not redundant, since some of your readers might see all of this content.

Who: It’s therefore critical to use a coordinated team (in our case: a writer, editor, and graphic designer) to create all of this content. At the Content Bureau, a senior writer will lead #1–3 with behind-the-scenes support from an editor and a graphic designer. The editor—typically skilled in short-form copy, and already intimate with the content—can write #4 very quickly and cost-effectively. Our clients (some of whom used to ask their junior social media writer to bang out some tweets during the program launch) say that their social copy gets better results when it’s written by the same team that wrote the long-form assets. And they also have fewer people to manage during the content creation process.

When: We prefer to write the long pieces first, because that’s the best way to dig deep into the topic and really understand the customer. Then we write all the short pieces. All the assets are ready to go when the program launches. Easy, cost-effective, low-drama.

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By Stacy Crinks