Tips for Coming in Under Budget on Your Marcom Projects

At the Content Bureau, we’ve noticed that a few of our clients often come in under budget. Their marcom projects consistently require less work than we originally thought they’d require (and therefore cost less than their colleagues’ projects). This is a good thing, of course!

Here are four key reasons why these special clients’ marcom projects tend to go under budget:

1. They know what they want to create before they hire us.

We can definitely help clients think through what their asset format should be, or help craft a storyline, but those activities require budget. When a client comes to us with well-thought out goals, a target audience in mind, a clear idea of what the asset should look and feel like, and approved messaging, we are able to focus our energies on creating a great asset rather than spending a lot of time scoping the project or churning through multiple drafts as our client’s messaging continues to evolve.

2. They send us useful source material before the kickoff call.

It’s truly a wonderful thing when a client sends a description of the project (a brief, a few bullets, or some other written guidance) and source material at least a few hours before our first scoping call. This gives us a chance to really review the content, understand the ask, and put together questions that lead to a more efficient scoping call.

3. They stick to the agreed-upon process.

For each project, we include in our proposal a project methodology that outlines how we’ll do the work. There are a specified number of drafts; responsibilities for each party (e.g., we deliver the content, then our client consolidates feedback from all reviewers after each draft); and a schedule. Clients that manage the review process efficiently enable us to deliver on time without extra rounds or rush fees.

4. They’re quick and decisive with feedback.

We expect that our clients will request changes to each draft, and our “under budget” clients are exceptionally good at providing quick, clear, constructive, and actionable feedback on the work we’ve delivered. This enables us to quickly fix and deliver the next draft, and get to the finish line faster.

Becoming an “under budget” client takes commitment, but the rewards are well worth it. Give us a call, so we can discuss how to complete your marcom projects most efficiently.

By Allison Hayase