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Need brilliant B2B marketing collateral?
The Content Bureau's got your back.

The Content Bureau is a marketing communications agency that creates the highest quality B2B marketing collateral. We’re here to help you (genius marketer that you are) convince customers to choose your company’s excellent products and services.

Our goal? To create industry and product marketing collateral so good you’ll soon be sporting wings and a halo—and a shiny new promotion. We aim to astound you with the greatness of your own work, as we did with this real Content Bureau client who must remain nameless:

" This is one of the few times I did not get bored reading an article [by my company]. "

—Anonymous marketing director, global technology company

We’re also proud brand ambassadors, BFFs with the good people who help us stay on the right side of the corporate style guide. It’s our job to support your creativity while gently steering you toward options that will fly through brand review. We live for raves like this one, from a beloved longtime brand police chief who personally calls us when she needs backup:

" Of all our vendors, I trust you guys the most. "

—Anonymous head of corporate editorial services, global technology company

Even the procurement peeps love us—we zip through vendor approval, and are ultra efficient and respectful with the good people who help you open POs. This just in:

" You are our favorite! "

—Anonymous procurement lead, global technology company

Ready to dive in?

Check out our B2B marcom services, or simply give us a ring.

" Nobody ever got fired for hiring the Content Bureau. "

—Dan Ahern, Autodesk

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