Client Case Study Amyris Biotechnologies

Clear, engaging web copy helps Amyris explain
its unique approach to alternative energy.

Biotech innovator Amyris had an important story to tell. The young company, based in Emeryville, CA, produces sustainable biofuels and life-saving medical therapies—products with the potential for game-changing positive impact. Amyris was consciously founded on principles of social responsibility and environmental commitment. And, the company had a killer business strategy it needed to convey to potential partners and investors.

“We had complex messages to get across on our new company website,” said Jeryl Hilleman, then Amyris CFO. “It’s hard enough to describe science, business, and values, let alone to make it web-friendly and engaging. The Content Bureau worked closely with us to refine and clarify how we talk about our company.”

Starting from scratch on a first-generation website, the Content Bureau interviewed experts across the company, distilling their input into compelling web copy. The Content Bureau’s expertise in web information architecture and copywriting provided a real value-add. “We started this project as website newbies,” recalls Annika Jensen, who managed the project. “The Content Bureau was a lifesaver—offering guidance on how to organize the site and helping us achieve consensus and keep the process moving. The Content Bureau’s team contribution went way beyond just copywriting.”

" The Content Bureau was a lifesaver... The team's contribution went way beyond just copywriting. "

—Annika Jensen, Project Manager, Amyris Biotechnologies

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