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The Content Bureau creates an inviting digital brochure.

When Autodesk, Inc. wants to develop high-profile and innovative marketing assets to be used by its salespeople around the globe, it calls on the Content Bureau. For years, the Content Bureau has been a constant creative partner to the multinational company, which specializes in software solutions that help “people imagine, design, and create a better world.”

One of the longest and most productive relationships the Content Bureau has had at Autodesk is with senior industry marketing manager Tracy Douglas. Since joining Autodesk in 2006, Douglas has relied on the Content Bureau to create marketing collateral targeted to construction firms that use Autodesk software.

“No matter what we’ve needed—case studies, brochures, ads, playbooks, and more—the Content Bureau has delivered work that’s made us really happy,” says Douglas. “They really know our business. Their writers can spend an hour on the phone with our team, or with a customer, and then quickly bring to life the story that they hear. That’s a real benefit to us.”

According to Douglas, the Content Bureau team supports Autodesk in another important way: by being willing to rethink “same old, same old” marketing collateral.

“They’re always encouraging us to try new things—and helping us figure out how to do them well,” she says.

One example of pushing the envelope is the Building Information Modeling (BIM) for Construction “digital brochure” the agency first developed in 2012. “We wanted to create a marketing engagement piece,” says Douglas. “We felt a digital brochure could tell the story of BIM more visually, more interactively. We’d never done anything like it before—at the time, we were really just starting to experiment with digital-type tools.”

The digital brochure in interactive PDF (iPDF) features intuitive navigation—with tabs and links like a microsite—and cleverly incorporates video and links to additional resources. Douglas says, “It’s a great format because it’s easy to email—and easy to update.” The digital brochure was so well received by the field that, in 2013, it was translated into French, German, U.K. English, and Mandarin Chinese.

" The Content Bureau is always encouraging us to try new things—and helping us figure out how to do them well. "

—Tracy Douglas, Senior Industry Marketing Manager, Autodesk Construction

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