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Great writing and compelling charts
make this lengthy report engaging.

How do you transform pages of quantitative survey results into an easily understandable, visually exciting report that positions you as a leader in the field of logistics consulting? That’s exactly the challenge that Cap Gemini Ernst & Young (CGE&Y) faced when the consulting firm approached the Content Bureau to pen its annual report on trends in the logistics industry. Delivered at the 2001 conference of the Council of Logistics Management, “Transforming Logistics: A Roadmap to Fulfillment Excellence” became a benchmark in the industry, distributed to thousands of logistics professionals worldwide.

The Content Bureau managed a large team of university professors, CGE&Y partners, and marketing professionals to focus the paper’s message and structure.

After interviewing four companies that benefited from the type of logistics process improvements described in the 20-page report, we crafted detailed case studies to drive home the benefits. Finally, our team designed visually interesting infographics and explanatory pullquotes to elicit an “a-ha” response from readers. According to Rich Thompson, then vice president of CGE&Y’s global supply chain practice, “In addition to providing high-quality writing, editing, and graphic design support, the Content Bureau brought significant supply chain and logistics subject matter expertise to the project. They made valuable content suggestions that helped focus the report’s message and create a stronger end product.”

" The Content Bureau made valuable content suggestions that helped focus the report's message and create a stronger end product. "

—Rich Thompson, Vice President, Global Supply Chain Practice

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