Client Case Study XOJET

A cool, sophisticated owner’s manual conveys
cachet for private jet company XOJET.

If you’re an XOJET private jet owner, you’ve made it to the top—and you expect exceptional flight service. To cater to its discerning customers, XOJET needed an owner’s manual that sounded as good as it looked. “We trusted Content Bureau to find the right voice,” says Alison McCauley, then senior director of marketing for XOJET.

Under pressure to land fantastic copy quickly, the Content Bureau dove into XOJET’s business, getting a feel for what makes the company—and its clients—tick. “Exceptional customer service is our trademark,” says McCauley. “Our owner’s manual needed to convey not only the quality and reliability of our services, but our absolute dedication to client comfort.”

After sensibly organizing the manual, the Content Bureau wrote pitch-perfect content for discerning jet owners, making it easy for them to do everything from preapproving pet-travel documents and ordering in-flight toys for their kids to arranging catered meals and ordering special services for guests. The result? “It’s absolutely gorgeous!” exclaims Lisa Choi, then director of private client services at XOJET. “The Content Bureau came through for us in a big way.” To set off the smart copy and beautiful layout, XOJET added a few bespoke touches in keeping with its customers’ tastes. “We’ve custom-engraved nameplates for each owner,” smiles McCauley. “With Content Bureau’s deft touch, we’ve struck just the right note.”

" It’s absolutely gorgeous! The Content Bureau came through for us in a big way. "

—Lisa Choi, Director of Private Client Services, XOJET

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