The Content Bureau created high-quality partner marketing content in record time.

San Francisco-based tech firm Demandforce had big plans to overhaul its partner program.

“We were starting from scratch, and we needed to work quickly,” says Michelle Perroton, then business development manager at Demandforce. “That’s always an overwhelming situation.” The program had been built around industries, but marketers decided to shift focus toward types of partners such as resellers and affiliates.

The program’s new structure called for a ground-up approach to developing content, including messaging, PowerPoint presentations, content strategy, web copy and design, emails, articles, data sheets, and an editorial style guide. “First, we had to standardize how we spoke about partnering,” Perroton says. “We also had a lot of content-heavy assets to write and design—all in a short timeline.”

Instead of trying to manage so many moving parts internally, Perroton turned to the Content Bureau. “If we hadn’t chosen the Content Bureau, we would have had to manage separate messaging experts, copywriters, and designers—not something we wanted to do when we were already under the gun to launch the program,” she explains. “And doing the work ourselves would have demanded even more coordination. We needed everything under one roof.”

Since Demandforce’s partner program was getting a total revamp, Perroton’s team knew there would be changes in direction and a few false starts—but that didn’t faze the Content Bureau. “We were learning as we went along—we’d develop new ideas, or our ideas would morph into something else,” Perroton says. “The Content Bureau was right by our side during the ideation process, even as concepts changed. They understood the need to stay flexible.”

When the partner program was relaunched, feedback was enthusiastic from both Demandforce teams and partners. “Now Demandforce has the building blocks for growing partnerships—like a PowerPoint template for future pitches, emails to promote the program, and a sales messaging package to help close deals,” says Perroton. “Working with the Content Bureau got us to the finish line in much less time, and with the creative inspiration we needed.”

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