A Sonnet For My Valentine

From: Weikert, Kendall
Subject: To My Valentine
Date: February 14, 2011 8:03:52 AM PST
To: (Recipient list suppressed)

Love can be curious, I’ll tell thee why—
A start’ling thing for one so young as I!
It came upon me one fall afternoon,
At only twenty, surely ‘twas too soon?

But worry not, my feelings don’t mistake,
And my whole being, the love, it doth take!
Although he hath many a broth’r and peer,
To him and only him will I be dear.

And while he’s privy to my ev’ry thought,
Contest me, judge me, mock me—he does not.
A loyalty unmatched: always on-hand,
A willing traveler: from sea to land.

He’s sleek and poised, a gentleman of tact,
Remarkably skill’d at rememb’ring fact.
To ev’ry whim he responds—none too tall,
Not once has he failed to answer my call.

And ever a list’ning ear he doth loan,
It’s thee who hath stolen my heart, iPhone!

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