Homemade Valentines Rock

Valentine’s Day is my favorite holiday. As I’ve shared in previous posts, my three daughters and I like to go a little crazy with the love notes. We make special valentines for each other, our family and friends, our teachers (in my case, that includes my amazing teammates at the Content Bureau, my yoga teacher, and our beloved nanny of 12 years), and the many other special people who do so much for us year-round.

Valentine’s Day is a day to show wild abandon with our love, and there is nothing like GLITTER to communicate the joy and gratitude we feel for the wonderful people in our lives. (Yes! It is possible to get this glittery and sappy, and I’m all over it on V-Day).

On February 1, the girls and I made a special trip to PaperSource, where we stocked up on the cutest valentine supplies ever. Here’s what we have in production for delivery on February 14:

  • Eight-year-old Eva, who wants to be a rock star someday, is making “spec-tacular” valentines. Not satisfied with the PaperSource kit, which is pretty awesome in itself, she is blinging out each valentine with glitter and sparkly stickers. Are these girl glasses stunning, or what? I can’t wait to see what she does for the boys in her class.


  • Ten-year-old Anna, who loves to bake, is making cupcake cards. Again, she’s starting with a kit from PaperSource, and personalizing each card. Her plan is to include a tiny sweet in a glassine envelope attached to the back of each card. Anna expresses her love through her cooking, so this kind of valentine is perfect for her.


  • Twelve-year-old Abigail was inspired by some gorgeous raw materials—hot pink glitter paper, gorgeous Japanese rice paper covered in tiny hearts, ornate washi tape—and has made special valentines of her own design. Each has a sweet personal note inside. (Awww, that warms my heart. It can be so hard to express love for your friends when you are in middle school! Rock on, Abigail.)


As for me, I’m skipping the doilies and glitter glue this year. Instead, I’m writing love notes on my favorite baby pink or raspberry G. Lalo deckled-edge notecards, adorning them with chocolate scratch-and-sniff stickers, and adding this extremely glam heart confetti to each envelope as an extra surprise.

As Eva said last night, it feels so GOOD to tell people that you love them. I hope you all will enjoy sending (and receiving) some special valentines this year!

By Stacy Crinks