The Content Bureau “Rave of the Month” Is …

Friends, I’m going to let you in on a little Content Bureau secret. It’s called “The Rave Report,” and it is magic—the type of magic described by the genius Sally Thornton in my Valentine’s Day post. It puts a happy pink glow over one’s day, and makes work feel like sunshine.

Our team delivers draft and final marketing assets to our clients almost every day of the month—and often receive delightful comments in return, such as:

This unedited quote received on February 23, 2012: “THANK YOU—THANK YOU—THANK YOU, once again, for making me look so good. You guys are ROCK STARS!”

And this unedited quote received on the very same day: Thank you all for your great work!! I am a very happy customer, and I will be back.” 😉

And this lovely rave that came in just moments ago, as I was writing this blog post:The product campaign sheet is receiving very positive early response from sales and I expect we will be looking to do more like it this year. Thank you for your team’s support and quick turn around on it.”

It is the very, very best part of my job, I tell you, to read these raves.

Each month, we collect all the feedback we’ve received in the past 30 (or as our team member Keven Smith so adroitly noted in his perfect Leap Year Day post, 29) days. And then the real fun begins. We sort. We categorize. We ooh and aah. We puff up with pride. And we determine the month’s winner.

For February 2012, I am bestowing the Content Bureau “Rave-of-the-Month Award” to one of our fabulous editors, Christine Kent, who received—from a brand new client, we might add—not just a wonderful rave, but HUGS AND KISSES:

“You are the best! Xoxox”

I must say, I have air-kissed most of our clients at one time or another (maybe even you)? But this is the first time we’ve received “xoxox” in writing—and it happened before any copy had been delivered, no less. That feels like someone just gave our whole team a big fat smooch, like this:

Pink sunshine to you today, Christine, and to all of the Content Bureau team members who work so hard every day to keep our clients feeling the love! xoxoxo

By Stacy Crinks