The Content Bureau’s Elevator Pitch—in Words and Infographics

I recently had the pleasure of spending two days in Denver, Colo., with the incredible Ruth Burk, lead writer to many of our Denver-based accounts. During this trip, Ruth and I were shocked and horrified to discover that some of our most beloved clients—including one who has been a regular client for nine years, at three different technology companies—did not know much of what we now do as an agency. “I have used the Content Bureau for messaging and white papers for so long, I kind of forget what else you do,” he revealed.

Alarmingly, we heard this sentiment from several other clients we saw during this trip. “You do layout? Infographics? Video? Things without words?”

Yes, friends! We do all those things, and more.

But you wouldn’t know this from reading our ~25-word copy block, AKA elevator pitch: “The Content Bureau is a marketing communications agency that creates high-quality B2B product and industry marketing collateral, helping leading companies market themselves to their clients and prospects.”

Sometimes only a visual representation of the data will give you the complete picture.

To answer the “remind me what you do?” question, here’s a table featuring the Content Bureau’s complete list of services. They’re grouped by format: messaging, email, web, PDF, and presentation.

Content Bureau services

Here’s a simple infographic for our many clients who ask, “If I only have $x to spend, what marketing asset can you create for me?” It lists the same services, loosely organized from least to most expensive.

Content Bureau services by price

Finally, for clients who ask, “which marketing assets are hot right now?” this simple bar chart is a great way to show where our clients are spending their marketing dollars right now.

Content Bureau client projects by service

At the Content Bureau, we understand that it’s critical to organize and present content in logical ways, so readers will quickly understand your message. Sometimes, words—even lots of words, beautifully organized and edited—are not enough. Which is why the Content Bureau specializes in delivering content. Not just words.

By Stacy Crinks