How to Create a Co-Branded Case Study

casestudy_blogYou’d love your partners to put their all into marketing your shared offering, but the truth is that they’re as busy as you are. Add to that the possibility that they’re less than well equipped to produce professional marketing collateral—and your path is clear.

To help partners sell your products, we suggest creating co-branded case studies that can showcase the power of your solution. The right story can show target customers how your offerings and your partner’s work together to deliver powerful benefits.

Objective: Tell a compelling story. Generate interest in how your combined solutions served the profiled company, and how similar solutions might work for readers’ businesses.

Format: One- or two-page narrative with callouts in the form of quotations or stats, supported by informative images.

Content: A good case study should tell a compelling story with a clear beginning, middle, and end:

  • Introduction: An overview describing the featured customer’s business, ideally using an interesting or iconic anecdote or fact to hook the reader.
  • Challenge: What challenges did the customer most need to address?
  • Solution: Which combined offerings from you and your partners did the customer adopt to help meet those needs?
  • Results: How did the new solutions improve business for the customer? Wherever possible, use solid metrics and supporting quotations to back up your claims.
  • Call to action: What do you want readers to do? Where can they go to learn more?

What makes it work for partner marketing:

  • Know your audience. Show how your combined solution works together to serve a partner’s customers—and, by extension, the partner.
  • Think about branding your combined solution as a specific offering. Name it, and ensure that both companies are using the same language to talk about it.
  • Layout should be clean, simple, and co-branded with both your partner’s logo and your own. Consider developing a template that can be leveraged across multiple partners.

Stay tuned for more about the five most useful partner marketing assets as our Partner Marketing Blog Series continues.

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By Lisa Stonestreet