How to Create a Partner-Facing PowerPoint Pitch Deck

ppt_blogTo make it ultra easy for partners to sell your products, we suggest giving them a ready-to-use, co-branded sales deck. This asset includes logos from both of your companies, as well as customized information about how your products work together to benefit your target customers.

Objective: Generate interest in your joint solution, and spark a discussion.

Format: 10 to 15 PowerPoint slides with minimal text. Do include speaker’s notes—feel free to pull directly from your recently created copy blocks—to ensure that your partner’s salespeople stay on message.

Content: Varies depending on the audience and solution, but usually includes:

  • A description of the problem your product helps to solve
  • An overview of your company and who you serve
  • A summary of high-level benefits/features
  • A depiction of how you and your partner work together to benefit the customer
  • Examples and testimonials from customers who have benefitted from your joint solution
  • A delineation of next steps and/or a call to action

Design: The template should be clean and simple, and co-branded with both your partner’s logo and your own. To get the most use out of this asset, consider developing a template that can be leveraged across multiple partners.

Creating this customer-facing sales pitch for your partners may sound easy, but getting the content and tone right are the key. When done right, this can be one of your most useful partner marketing assets and can provide an enviable ROI.

Stay tuned for more about the five most useful partner marketing assets as our Partner Marketing Blog Series continues.

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By Allison Hayase