The Beauty of an iPDF

Looking to pack a big content punch into a small file? Need to convey complex or detailed information, but don’t think your audience can stomach another 20-page white paper? Want your document to be visually interesting and interactive, too?

Look no further than an interactive PDF (iPDF). No more paging down to wade through content that isn’t of interest. The beauty of an iPDF is that it’s:

  • Interactive—Easy-to-navigate tabs help your reader move from page to page in any order or sequence desired—and even link to audio videos or external content at will.
  • Sharable—iPDFs are easily distributed as email attachments, since the file size is no larger than a typical PDF. Simply attach the file to an email and your reader can open it and begin reviewing the document immediately.
  • Visually compelling—More fun than a traditional white paper or brochure, your iPDF can have stylistic elements that include infographics, tabs, tables, and more. It is a self-contained document that has a style and vibe all its own.
  • Content-rich—Unlike other formats that cater to simple or limited copy, iPDFs can make even the most complex topics manageable. Deliver thought leadership in a fun and innovative format, lending credibility to your ability to find new and exciting ways to communicate.

We’ve created dozens of beautiful, high-impact iPDFs for clients ranging from Autodesk to SAP. To learn more about how to create a custom iPDF for your next juicy topic, contact us.

By Ruth Burk