Hey Content Bureau, Can You Make Me This Really Crazy Marketing Asset?

It’s a new year, and we’re having fun coming up with wild new marketing assets for our clients. I just emailed one of our all-time most creative clients—she once asked us to create a pinwheel, yes: a marcom lollipop spinning on a stick!—and it reminded me to tell you about these projects that step beyond the norm.

Our team LOVES a challenge. Here are some of the assets currently in production, or recently completed:

  1. Design and production of a custom card game like Apples to Apples or the much naughtier Cards Against Humanity. This game is currently being used around the world at a global tech company’s sales kickoff meetings. We’ve never spent so much time laughing during project calls. The game is fun, funny, and just a tad racy—our goal is that reps sneak out boxes of cards so they can play again during cocktail hour.
  2. Content strategy and production of “messy-looking” instructional videos for a VP of partner marketing at a global tech firm. Apparently, slick is out—her audience wants authenticity. So we’re ditching the tripod and going for a more organic, home-shot look. But no fear—the videos will be fabulous thanks to a super-tight script and whip-smart client who’s great on camera.
  3. Design/build of a new website for a large U.S. bank. Did you know that the Content Bureau designs and builds entire sites? Shhh! It’s only for our regulars 🙂 . We’re not even writing the web copy on this one. Crazy, I tell you…
  4. Developing an “analyst superhero” PowerPoint for a global fintech firm. We’ll use full-bleed photos to show a superhero analyst—complete with geek glasses and cape—solving complex optimization challenges in multiple departments. Our goal? Prospects picture their own analysts as underdog superheroes, and clamor for our client’s software.
  5. Ghostwriting a book for the head of the tech/telecom practice at a top global consulting firm. We love this genius client, so it’s a complete honor to be helping with this VIP project. This isn’t crazy, it’s just awesome, and something you should know we do.

We’d love to get creative with you! No idea is too crazy (well, maybe the pinwheel). Call me with info about your target customer, main message, and due date—we’ll start brainstorming.

By Stacy Crinks