How to Get the Best Value From the Content Bureau

This post is for our beloved year-round clients; those of you who call us to help with projects large and small, advance-notice and super-rush-rush, most months of the year. We want to be your first-choice agency every time you need to produce great marketing content. We also want you to feel that we deliver good value—that our pricing is in line with the work and service we’re giving you.

Here are ways in which you can help us deliver the right work/price trade-offs on every project (because we know each assignment is unique, and your needs will be different from project to project!).

When scoping a new project with us, please:

  • Provide a timeline. Let us know what work is coming, when, and when you’ll need it finished, so we can have the team lined up. (Note: On quick-turn projects, this helps avoid rush fees.)
  • Tell us how important the asset is to you, and why, so we can deliver appropriate work/price options. Does it need to be amazing because it will be the foundational asset in your next campaign, or just OK because you’re only using it for a single event? We can even work backward from a price you’d like to pay: “This is only worth X to me. What can you do for that amount?”
  • Be realistic. If you are going to give us really rough copy to begin with, please be honest so we can give you an accurate quote for bringing it up to your company’s standards. We hate to underestimate, then come back to you and say, “This really needs a rewrite, instead of a light edit, so it’s going to cost a lot more.”
  • Bundle related work. To get the best value from us, consider sending us five brochures all at once, or a bunch of related campaign assetseBook, blog post, email, landing page copy, PowerPoint deck, social media posts—using the same base content. When we’re working with several assets at once, some might go over budget and others under, but we can move money around to ensure the whole project stays within budget. This feels good to everyone.
  • Feel free to send us short/easy/quick projects. DIY is great; please let us know if we can proof anything you’ve created in-house just to ensure brand compliance. If you need a five-minute edit, that’s totally fine.

You can always call me to help you determine if we’re the right marketing agency for a particular project you have in mind, and to secure a ballpark quote—or work backward from your target budget. Thanks for helping us offer the price/work trade-offs that will work best for you on each project.


By Stacy Crinks