Three Summer Activities to Keep You in the Game

Monday, August 7th, 2017 by Laurel

Your summer office

Your summer office

It’s August and officially the dog days of summer. Everyone is either leaving for vacation, on vacation, or just back from vacation, and nothing’s really getting done in the office. But instead of waiting till work shifts back into gear, here are three things you can do right now that will help you personally and professionally.

  1. Write five recommendations on LinkedIn. You’ve probably got a bit of spare time now, so why not thank the people who help you excel at your job—and who enable your projects’ success? It takes about 15 minutes to write a sincere, thoughtful recommendation, so take those 75 minutes (broken up over the day, if necessary) and let the world know how awesome your co-workers, partners, and freelancers are.
  2. Start looking into your vendor needs for the fall. It’s inevitable: you think you’ve got all the time in the world to line up expert content creators for those big projects—and then suddenly it’s a last-second scramble to find the right folks. Start investigating now by browsing websites, asking for recommendations, and reviewing your preferred vendor list. Or perhaps you want to funnel more work to a particularly good partner. For the reliable vendors you do have, make sure their paperwork (NDAs, MSAs, and ACHs) are up to date. That will save you time and headaches when the project rush hits.
  3. Find a conference to attend—and then buy the ticket so you don’t forget about it. It could be a trade show for your industry, a networking opportunity, or a personal development event (yes, yoga retreats count). A conference will get you out of your office and into a space that will help you learn as well as connect with other people. And if it pushes you outside your comfort zone, that’s not a bad thing. Take a risk and explore the unknown!

If you take the time to do these three things now—small, easily manageable tasks—your future self will thank you in October. And so will your boss!

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