The Best Valentine’s Day Blog Posts of All Time

As you might guess from looking at our website, or my stationery collection, or my closet—freakishly awash in red and pink, with a dash of metallic glitter—Valentine’s Day is my favorite holiday. This giant painting in my home office sets the tone for my entire life. If there is one word I would have tattooed on my body, it would be “LOVE.”

Two loves of my life: “Valentine” by the divine Pam Smilow, and my daughter Anna when she was a baby.

Two loves of my life: “Valentine” by the divine Pam Smilow, and my daughter Anna when she was a baby.

This year, my geeky excitement about Valentine’s Day is (mysteriously, miraculously) in no way dampened by imminent apocalypse—or the fact that I’m recently divorced and won’t be receiving a giant bouquet of scarlet roses, or very large glittery diamonds, or even a perfect heart-shaped box of tiny, perfectly constructed chocolates from Woodhouse in St. Helena (oh wait, I bought those and stashed them in the freezer so I can present them on Valentine’s Day to the love of my life: Moi).

I am as excited as ever to make homemade valentines with my three daughters—long may they worship the doily, the craft scissors that make that pretty deckled edge, the glitter glue—and write love notes to my besties near and far. I even wrote one to the client that didn’t work out. She is a good person, and we both tried, but it was time to part ways. I feel better after writing to her on my favorite G Lalo pink notecards, and popping a love stamp in the corner of the envelope.

In celebration of this holiday, I present you with my favorite Content Bureau Valentine’s Day blog posts of all time:

The practical (filled with glittery paper eye candy):

The hilarious:

And the poetic:

I wish you a magical season of love. Because even when the world may be coming to end, and we have to buy our own Valentine’s Day presents, isn’t it thrilling to just charge on and keep loving life with boundless, heart-stretching enthusiasm?

By Stacy Crinks