Smart B2B Fintech Marketing: Anna Suarez

To celebrate the Content Bureau’s 20th anniversary, we’re seeking wisdom from 20 rock star clients whose serious B2B marketing cred, brains, and heart have always inspired us. Next up: Anna Suarez.

  • Name: Anna Suarez
  • In: San Francisco
  • Hired the Content Bureau at: PayPal, Opportunity Fund
  • For: Fintech marketing content
  • One word to describe the Content Bureau: Efficient
  • Best marketing asset ever produced: White paper
  • Why: When we did some primary research throughout the United States, IT execs told us they were surprised to learn that we (Verisign) had so much to offer. This white paper helped us use that research to reposition our company. Our head of product talked about it. It fueled PR and other marketing activities designed to shift our positioning. There was a fantastic market response.
  • Biggest challenge facing B2B marketers today: We’re not yet getting the right messages to customers at the right times. Now that we have our customers’ digital footprints—behavioral data, use data—it’s complicated to gather and analyze all that data. We need better information to define our customer profiles, then determine which messages should be communicated to them. I don’t think anybody has cracked that code.
  • B2B marketers of the future should: Continually test and measure customer engagement in order to drive the highest impact and return.
  • If some extra budget fell into my lap, I’d produce: A bottom-of-funnel sales toolkit. It’s critical that we constantly equip salespeople to sell better.
  • Where I go to learn: Small-group networking events provide the greatest exchange of ideas. And the SiriusDecisions Summit is awesome.
  • Smart ask: I’ll never say no to more analytic resources that measure the impact of our marketing—and help us determine where to best spend future budget!

Smart thoughts from Anna Suarez, one of the most productive marketers we’ve supported in our 20-year history. Our team loves working with Anna because she’s entirely clear and sensible, provides constructive feedback (and generous praise) allowing us to do our best work for her, and is just an all-around amazingly cool human being.

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By Stacy Crinks