Smart B2B Tech Marketing: Joy Stark

To celebrate the Content Bureau’s 20th anniversary, we’re seeking wisdom from rock star clients whose serious B2B marketing cred, brains, and heart have always inspired us. Next up: Joy Stark.

  • Name: Joy Stark
  • In: Boston
  • Hired the Content Bureau at: Autodesk
  • For: Tech product marketing content
  • One word to describe the Content Bureau: Customer-focused
  • Best marketing asset ever produced: Implementation guide
  • Why: This is the asset that keeps on giving; we’ve updated it so many times, and can pull out pieces of derivative content and use them as standalone assets. It’s an ebook that makes it really simple for our customers to pilot a major technology and workflow process change. We break things down in a very pragmatic way. Customers want content that’s useful!
  • Biggest challenge facing B2B marketers today: Cutting through all the digital clutter to produce content and experiences that reach customers where they are, and bring them into the funnel.
  • B2B marketers of the future should be: Experts at orchestrating multi-channel customer experiences. I spend a lot of time building relationships across our company to ensure we deliver the right content to the right persona at the right stage in the journey. In large companies, it can be particularly challenging to create highly coordinated programs.
  • Marketing and sales: Are tighter than ever. Account-based marketing has given sales a seat at the marketing table—we’re really working closely together to build an experience for each customer account. In my opinion, this approach leads to better, more-highly targeted content.
  • If some extra budget fell into my lap, I’d produce: An experiential direct-mail asset. For example, one of our teams recently produced a die-cut model of a building in London that had to be assembled by a team—then customers took a photo of what they built and shared it on social media. We were blown away by the creativity we saw; some customers created entire scenes for their buildings! This asset did a great job of reinforcing what Autodesk helps our customers do—imagine, design, build, collaborate.
  • Where I go to learn: Product Marketing Community has great events; I learn best from peer-to-peer, real-world sharing (not just hearing from vendors). It’s helpful to learn from marketers at smaller companies who are working in nimble ways. And Autodesk is very focused on innovation across the marketing org, so I’m constantly learning from my colleagues.
  • Smart ask: We need clear, easy-to-access data on what’s working globally, so we can create more of that content—and scale.

Smart thoughts from smart B2B tech marketer Joy Stark! Joy manages one of the most knowledgeable, committed, connected, and best-organized teams we’ve ever had the pleasure of supporting. She’s an inspiring leader in a company we love. Want to discuss anything here? Call me, or check out our technology marketing services.

By Stacy Crinks