It’s So Easy to Be a Marketing Rock Star

Thursday, June 7th, 2012 by Stacy

Life is filled with tricky decisions. 54% or 72% cacao? Brick or fire-engine red lipstick? Miette, Chantal Guillon, or La Boulange macarons—all in Hayes Valley? The choices can be overwhelming, really.

Fortunately, it is very easy to choose the Content Bureau for all your B2B marketing copywriting needs. And there is a foolproof method for getting incredible value from the Content Bureau on virtually any project. Whether you hire us to write a few pages of web copy or execute an entire campaign, here are the things we’ll need from you in order to do our best work using the fewest of your precious marketing dollars.


  1. The critical project details: what we’re creating for you, why and when you need it, and how long it should be. We’ll send you a scoping checklist you can quickly email back to us, then we’ll call to ask you a few clarifying questions.
  2. The existing asset—or something similar. If we’re updating an existing document, please send it along with a few bullet points describing the new content you’d like us to include. Let us know what you like/dislike about the current content, and roughly what percentage of the existing document will change. If you’d like a brand new asset, and have a sample of something similar you like, please forward it.
  3. Your honesty. If we’ll be writing on a new or controversial topic, doing hours of research, working with a challenging review team, or if you know you’re a “four drafts in Word” type of client rather than a “two drafts in Word” type, please let us know so we can give you the most accurate quote.


  1. Source material. To ensure we’re up to speed before we interview your busy team, please send us any relevant source material: positioning and/or messaging documents, analyst reports, industry articles, links to relevant webpages, your competitor’s recent blog post. We don’t need a project brief, but if you already have one, we’ll gladly read it.
  2. Access to your creative guidelines. Approved creative and editorial guidelines will help us deliver on-brand work in the first draft. If we’re doing layout, please send us your design files and a similar marketing asset in that template. And if we’ll need access to your image library or content management system, we’d appreciate receiving access when the project begins, so we can familiarize ourselves with these tools before it’s time for layout.
  3. A single content owner. While we’re happy to interview as many subject-matter experts (SMEs) as you like—preferably all on the phone at the same time—our work will be better, and the end product delivered most efficiently, if a single “Super SME” agrees to be the ultimate decision maker on content.


Your support. We’re assuming that you—the person who hired us—is our project manager. You’re a talented, experienced marketer juggling an impressive list of projects, a smart but demanding boss, and busy days filled with meetings (and then you may go home to another group of “demanding stakeholders”). Please give us the resources we need to do our best work, circulate our drafts to your review team and consolidate their feedback in a timely manner, and communicate honestly and openly about any project-related concerns—whether we can fix them, or should just know about them.

In exchange, we’ll do everything possible to deliver a smart, gorgeous marketing asset quickly and efficiently, making you look like even more of a marketing rock star than you already are.

Voilà! It is so easy to have a great experience with the Content Bureau. If only deciding between Peet’s and Blue Bottle were so simple.…

runs the Content Bureau, @contentbureau.


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