Love or Hate Avon’s New Animated Video? Either Way, It’s a Win.

Wednesday, January 29th, 2014 by Stacy

Whether you love or hate the Avon Foundation’s new “Will You Walk? Or Will You Walk Away?” animated video, I’m calling it a huge win for the breast cancer cause—and a case study on effective viral video. Launched January 13 on prime time TV in major markets where the eight 2014 Avon Walks will take place, as well as on social media, the two-minute video has of today’s date logged over 175,000 YouTube hits, 20,000 likes on the Avon 39 Facebook page, and hundreds of emotional comments, along the likes of these:

  • Hate it: “I cannot even describe how I hate this ad. Either you do the walk, or you’re a jerk who walks away? This is so divisive.”
  • Love it: “Diagnosed on my birthday … this September will be my 10th WALK and my 10th Anniversary as a survivor … this new set of commercials is very engaging … catches you and it’s making fundraising easier!”

Here’s the thing. Love it or hate it, people are watching it—and the “breast cancer is a vile disease that we must work together to stop” message comes through in an agonizingly direct way.

B2B marketers, once again, let’s take a page from consumer marketing’s playbook. What makes this video rock? The infographics! There’s nothing like compelling, animated graphics to convey some hideous statistics—every three minutes, a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer; and (one we rarely hear, probably because it’s so hard to hear) every 13 minutes, a woman dies of breast cancer. Then, when it has you fully captive, Avon delivers its karate kick of a main message:

“It’s easy to do nothing. It’s almost as easy to do something huge. Walk. Volunteer. Donate. You could be her hero. You could help save her life.”

Dude. Pass the Kleenex. And sign me up.

As a two-time (2012, 2013) Avon Walker who had decided to take a year off in 2014, this video changed my mind. After watching the video a few times—honestly, how great are those infographics? Did you notice the tiniest, lightest dandelion fluff setting off a powerfully good chain reaction?—I called my breast cancer-busting BFF Barb, our fearless Avon Walk team leader. She watched the video while we were on the phone. We virtually high-fived (she’s in Raleigh; I’m in San Francisco). We then called our team from last year and recruited a couple of new friends. We registered. We’re walking September 6-7, 2014, in Santa Barbara!

How do you feel about the Avon Walk video? As a B2B marketer, how are you using animated infographics to create conversations with your customers? Come chat with me on the Content Bureau’s Facebook page.

And if you’d like to donate to the Avon Walk—because together, it’s easy to do something huge—I’d be so grateful for your support.

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